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Hello, pokemon fans and happy Halloween! Come this time of year many of us decide to look for a good fright. Well, for those of us who have a love for the Pokemon series, why not take a gander at some of these spooky pokemon tales, theories, episodes, games and more? I’ve provided links below to many Pokemon-related things that I feel can get everyone into the Halloween spirit! Whether you love intensely scary stories or a little Halloween, ghost pokemon fun, there’s something here for everyone!

As a heads up, I do not believe in scaring people with things like screamers. All of the links below are completely safe. If I feel as though there is anything in any of the links that may be triggering to some I will mention it in the description. But otherwise, enjoy!

Pokemon Creepypastas:

Love a good scary story? Then these Pokemon community urban legends and creepypastas are for you! Some of the stories listed below are theories in relation to the Pokemon games or anime created by fans, others are works of fiction like any fanfiction you may find online, and others… well… are they true? Be the judge of that yourself!

  1. Lavender Town Syndrome
  2. Pokemon Lost Silver
  3. Pokemon Black
  4. Buried Alive
  5. Strangled Red
  6. Hypno’s Lullaby
  7. The Coma Theory
  8. Gengar and Clefable
  9. Pokemon Yellow Sick
  10. White Hand
  11. Blue Tears
  12. Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver
  13. Absol
  14. Prevention of Evolution
  15. Braid
  16. Color Blind
  17. Glitchy Red
  18. And read many more here!

Playable Spooky Pokemon Games:

Are you all about playing scary Pokemon ROMs/Hacks? If so, the games listed below might be able to give you a good fright! Some of these games are based off of creepypastas, which I would recommend reading before getting yourself into the game! Be sure to install the proper emulators/plug-ins that the game might require (i.e. VisualBoy Advance, GBC emulator, etc.) before playing.

Warning: I have not tested these downloads for myself. I’ve received all links from reliable sources, so they should be safe. However, they may include flashing lights/glitchy movements and jumpscares. Take precaution if you are easily frightened when playing these games. Possibly not meant for the faint of heart.

  1. Escape from Lavender Town
  2. Pokemon Creepy Black
  3. Pokemon Lost Silver
  4. False Red
  5. PokeSlender
  6. Pokemon Knife Red
  7. Pokemon Knife Blue
  8. Pokemon Hollow Mysteries
  9. Pokemon Halloween
  10. Hypno’s Lullaby

Spooky Pokemon Episodes:

Need to cool down after some non-stop Pokemon scare? Or perhaps you just love the pokemon anime and want to relive your childhood? Well then grab some Halloween candy and sit back to watch episodes from the original series all the way up through the latest XY series. All episodes are English dubbed and revolve around themes of ghost pokemon, eerie situations, monsters and general spook!

  1. The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak
  2. The Tower of Terror
  3. A Shipful of Shivers
  4. The Mystery Menace
  5. A Ghost of a Chance
  6. Hocus Pokemon
  7. Abandon Ship
  8. Take this House and Shuppet
  9. Fear Factor Phony
  10. Malice In Wonderland
  11. The Keystone Pops
  12. Ghoul Daze
  13. A Night in the Nacrene City Museum
  14. Scare at the Litwick Mansion
  15. The Island of Illusions
  16. Seeking Shelter from the Storm
  17. A Conspiracy to Conquer

Spooky Pokemon Music:

Maybe you’re spending time doing homework and want a little background music. Well then, make a playlist out of these official eerie Pokemon tracks! I’ve picked out the tracks that I found to be the creepiest in the Pokemon series. Get ready to have shivers down your spine!

  1. Lavender Town
  2. Pokemon Tower
  3. Ruins of Alph
  4. Mt. Pyre
  5. Distortion World
  6. Old Chateau
  7. Strange House
  8. N’s Toy Room
  9. Horror Story

Still haven’t gotten enough Pokemon spook? Check out these:

All of the links below are various things that have popped up in the Pokemon community over the years. Some are articles talking about creepy pokemon, some are busting famous pokemon myths/creepy pastas, others are fan made movies/videos or works of art. All sorts of things are provided here! Click the links to see what they are! While I do not believe there are any jumpscares in the videos in some of the links below, it is possible that some people may be more easily frightened by certain things than others—so take caution and use your best judgement when viewing certain links. Otherwise, everything is safe, so enjoy!

  1. The 10 Most Bizarre Pokemon Fan Theories
  2. The Mystery of the Lumiose City Ghost Girl
  3. The 15 Most Disturbing PokeDex Entries
  4. Pokemon ‘Bridged Halloween Special
  5. Buy some Pokemon Halloween gear from
  6. Visit PokemonCreepy-Pasta on deviantART for spooky fan art
  7. From Dusclops Till Dawn: A Halloween Pokemon Tribute
  8. Top 10 Creepy Things in Pokemon
  9. Let’s Play: Pokemon Creepy Black
  10. Let’s Play: Pokemon Lost Silver
  11. Let’s Play: Escape From Lavender Town
  12. Read about your favorite ghost-type pokemon on Bulbapedia
  13. Top 10 Pokemon Myths, Theories and Mysteries
  14. Pokemon Green: Lavender Town Beta Track
  15. How to battle with Buried Alive
  16. Vielstone’s Myth
  17. Missingno.
  18. Revisit the Creepiest Moments in the Pokemon Series
  19. 15 Easy Pokemon Halloween Costumes
  20. 10 Creepiest Pokemon Ever
  21. The Story of Creepy Black Version (Told in video form!)
  22. Lavender Town Myths
  23. The white hand in Pokemon Origins
  24. 25 Amazing Pokemon Pumpkin Carvings






Circa 1968 Aloisia Rucellai evening bag, gold and platinum, translucent enamel, diamonds, and rubies.

all I can think is Slytherin

#dont even fucking try to tell me thats not slytherin #some slyherin bought that #with her family money thats been handed down to her #to go to a ball in the 60s #dont even fucKING TELL ME IM WRONG

#it looks like it can only be opened with parseltongue

"Oh hold on I gotta get a tampon"


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this is Hourou Musuko, an anime/manga about a young trans girl and her friends, all figuring out their gender identity and sexual orientations

yo yo i just double-checked and it is a real thing and also available on crunchyroll for free!

It’s also on KissAnime for free which is a website I recommend 1000 times more since they provide HQ anime without having to pay anything, and they have a wider selection than Crunchyroll

I watched the first episode. I can’t vouch for the rest of it but the first episode made my heart swell a bit. A lot of it is about finding those people that you can make your guides and role models, and that’s not something I feel like we get to see a lot, we see the kids just left to forge through on their own in the big and scary.

Wavedash why did you do this to me.

The anime seems to grab just a slice of the full manga’s story (obviously) but despite Horou Musuko being one of my favorite manga of all time, I never did finish the anime.  I didn’t think it was all that interesting an adaptation, and it’s so good as a comic.

The Horou Musuko manga is not only good, it’s really important.  It follow a transgendered girl and a transgendered boy and it follows them encountering and stuggling with:

  • dysphoria
  • trans* objectification
  • the intersection of gender identity and sexuality
  • passing
  • puberty
  • what adult life will be like as a trans* person
  • experimenting with (“trying on”) gender signifiers
  • evolving identities
  • binary questioning
  • being a partner to a tans* person

All while mired in Japanese society and expectations.

Luckily for EVERYONE, Fantagraphics press is translating and publishing the comic is BEAUTIFUL hardbound volumes.

But if you don’t have the money, I know you can easily find scanlations online, which are translated all the way to the end (Fantagraphics is about half way.)

That comic about trans* youth you were always looking for?

Here it is.

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